Information and Learning Outcomes

Storytelling is an important medium in our culture and often takes the form of folktales and myths. Humans are hardwired to listen and learn from stories, and as children, our first forays into the world of literature are through picture-books. We are also all born with the ability to communicate visually, and drawing has been shown to develop along the same pathways as language (Cohn 2012, Brown 2014 and Lewis and Coles-Kemp 2014ab) therefore developing this is simply a matter of learning and practice. The purpose of this tutorial is to offer attendees a space to explore and develop their visual thinking, sketching and note-taking skills whilst obtaining constructive feedback from the tutors. Those attending will leave the tutorial with the confidence to engage actively with sketching on a day to day basis. Attendees will be encouraged to apply what they have learnt to their current research or employment.

The half day tutorial will take place on Monday 24 October at NordiCHI’2016, Gothenburg Sweden. It will offer attendees a space to learn and practice visual thinking and sketching. If you would like to attend please register before 23 September 2016.